NOLA Day 2| From Day to Night Romper

Hello everyone! So for day two of my NOLA trip, I brought along this romper to do a day to night outfit pairing to show the versatility of one item. In just a few quick changes, you can really turn a casual outfit and glam it up for a fun night out.

The asymmetrical hem of the romper reminds me of this skort from Zara. I love the neckline, but find the clasp a little finicky at times. I’ll need to find some way to keep it put, but overall, I love how breezy and comfortable this romper is especially with the heat and humidity down there.

Also, can I just say how much I love my map necklace from Three Jane? Ever since I got it a few weeks ago, I have not taken it off. I love how I can keep my favorite city close to heart and serves as a little reminder to the happy memory I hold dear. You can purchase a city of choice from the list or you can create one of your own on a gold plated piece and have the specific spot marked by a diamond.

Day Romper

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NOLA Airport Style | Easy Breezy Blouse + Cut-off Shorts

Hey everyone! Here’s another airport style post for you. For my outfit to the airport en route to New Orleans, I wanted something breathable and comfy to keep me cool from the 90 degree heat and 80% humidity down there, but also still keep me warm on the flights. Add a hat, sunnies and good pair of flip flops and I was all set to go for my foodie adventure weekend.

I kept my accessories to a minimum when it comes to jewelry, because when it’s that humid out, the least I want is having lots of jewelry on. I just had my two staple necklaces on (my “M” necklace and latest fave map necklace thanks to Three Jane) and that was it for the whole trip.

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How-To | Flower Braid Updo

Happy Monday everyone! I’m currently still in New Orleans but I wanted to schedule this tutorial post with this flower braid updo that I’ve seen floating around Pinterest for awhile. I also enlisted a friend of mine, Angela, from ABPan Photography who is an amazing HDR photographer in the DMV area. I absolutely love her work and dedication to her craft, so please check out her work when you get a chance! You can also catch a lot of her photo prints sprinkled throughout DC buildings.

So it’s a definite pleasure to have her as guest on my channel. We had a lot of fun filming this tutorial and hope you all enjoy! As for materials, all you really need are bobby pins and a hair tie. Mousse is optional and preferable if you are doing this on dry hair.

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Sail Away | Navy Bold Striped Summer Dress + Pink Accents

Happy Wednesday and three more days till I head to NOLA for some foodie fun. I cannot wait! I’ve been wanting to go down there for a long while but things always came up. This time, I’m doing a short weekend trip to hit all the foodie places on my yelp bookmarked list, so be sure to follow my instagram for instant update fun.

For my outfit below, I went with a nautical theme in this navy wide-striped summer dress, especially since we were near the waterfront. This look is so effortless and easy to put together–perfect to wear on a nice boating trip. I couldn’t help adding a splash of pink here and there to brighten up the look a bit and of course, always add a hat and sunnies to protect yourself from the sun.

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