Airy | Leather Lace Top + Swooshy Calf-Length Skirt

Hey everyone! Here’s the last outfit from Florida and I have to thank my baby sister for helping me take the past few outfit photos. She’s also brutally honest and never fails to let me know if there was an angle that made me look too big or why I was making a face during shoot. Ah, gotta love your siblings. Believe it or not, I only had 30 minutes to do three outfits before we had to rush to hotel to pick up family for dinner. That had to be world record for me.

Anyways, for this look below, I am absolutely in LOVE with this H&M skirt, especially in the blush pink color. Funny thing was, I had this skirt in my cart a few weeks ago and was ready to check out, but got caught doing something else. When I came back to my desk, the skirt was unfortunately sold out. My heart literally sank! I called several stores but unfortunately they didn’t have the skirt in stock yet. I called customer service and the lady said that the skirt will be back in stock come June. Well to my surprise, the skirt actually got restocked about two weeks before I left for my FL trip and I quickly put in an order.

The skirt was every bit what I had in mind and I just love the swooshy-ness of the skirt as you walk. As for the top, I couldn’t help but getting this faux leather top especially with the crochet lace accent at the hem for a peek-a-boo effect.

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Easter Sunday | Baby Pink Trench + Spring Ombré Shift Dress

Happy Easter! And what an appropriate way to celebrate Easter than with my outfit below. So there’s a story behind this dress that I bought late fall last year. It was also around the time that I was watching the series finale of Dexter and the character “Hannah” happened to be wearing this dress in one of the episode.

I fell in love and thus became my search to find the dress. At the time, it was pretty hard to find especially for the price I was looking for. I found it on Saks at a great sales price, but unfortunately my size was not available. I’m so thankful for Saks email alert to give you notice when the size becomes available and make a mad dash to the website to put in an order, because otherwise, I would not have been able to call this dress mine. Goes to show that patience can definitely be rewarding.

What made this dress particularly interesting to me to make the hunt worthwhile were several reasons: 1) I love the sleek lines of a shift dress 2) Hello, ombre…need I say more? 3) Absolutely adore pockets, enough said. Unfortunately, the color is no longer available, but you can find the style “Carpreena” in other colors like this awesome yellow here.

In terms of petite sizing, I ordered size 0 which fits me fairly well at the top, but the bottom flares out a bit at the hip. If I was picky, I could have it slim down a bit, but haven’t decided. In meantime, the A-line of the dress works for now.

As for the trench, I’ve had it more than three years (?) now and probably the only one that I didn’t have to hem up the sleeves, because it was more of a cropped sleeve look. Oy, works for me! I love the peek of the floral lining on this trench, which makes it a bit unique as well and perfect for spring.

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My Current Haircare Routine & Tips on Healthy Hair

Hey everyone! Its been awhile since I last talked about my haircare routine that I don’t even remember when was the last time. Anyways, thought I let you take a peak into my shower to see what products I have been loving and what products I have been trying out when it comes to my hair.

Before I get into it, I wanted to talk about my haircare routine. I am one of the few who washes my hair everyday. I just love the clean feeling to my hair and I never have a bad hair day because of that. I air dry my hair everyday as well and it dries pretty straight and smooth. There will be rare occasions that I will leave my hair unwashed the next day but only because I had to film a hair tutorial.

Since I do wash my hair everyday, I do take an extra step into making sure that every few nights, I’d treat my scalp with extra nourishment which I will talk about a little bit more after the jump. I also like to switch up my shampoo and conditioner between two products but not more than three so that my hair doesn’t get too used to one product.

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Back to Basics Episode 2: How to Get the Perfect Curl using 4 Types of Iron Tools + Curling Tips

Hey everyone! When I made my last “Back-to-Basics” video teaching 5 braiding techniques that you can do for your hair, I had the honest intention to continue the series to include more. Well, I guess that didn’t really happen…until now. Oops. Better late than never! =P

Anyways, I got quite a few comments on how I did my hair for the Veuve Clicquot champagne tasting event few weeks ago and I thought to myself, what a great way to jumpstart the “back-to-basics” series again and this time showing you how to curl your hair using four types of iron tools.

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