Giving Thanks | Pleather Skirt + Monochromatic Browns

Happy Monday and a short holiday week! With the Thanksgiving feast lurking just right around the corner, it has always been a great time to look back throughout the year and do a little bit of self reflect. Even going through some personal struggles the past year or so, I’d like to reflect on the positives and tried to stay humble the best way I know how. By focusing on the positives in my life, that not only gave me the strength to continue waking up each day, but to remember that tomorrow will bring another new day to go and make a difference. A little tip for today and now with the post.

For my outfit below, I was in a monochromatic mood that day bringing out mostly browns which seemed very appropriate for Thanksgiving (unplanned). To break up the monochrome action and create interest, I added print and pop of color.

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Cozy Autumn | Midi Turtleneck Dress + Blanket Scarf

Hello everyone! It’s been crazy the past couple of days if you have been following me on snapchat (mslabellemel). I was over in NOLA for a work conference for a few days and had a wedding to shoot the next day. Luckily, my boss was kind enough to let us off an hour early so I was able to unpack a bit and ran some errands.

Anyway, I am loving the mild weather we’ve been getting for autumn and I can’t say that I am complaining one bit. This outfit below was shot during NYC Halloween weekend and I absolutely love a one piece that just makes it easy to grab. In order to make this dress work with its midi length on my petite frame, it was necessary to add some height with the wedged heels. To help with the change in temps, a great blanket scarf is a must. If you haven’t seen my 12 ways to wear a blanket scarf tutorial, feel free to check it out.

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SOHO in B&W | Striped Crop Top + Pleather Pencil Skirt

Happy Monday all! Over Halloween weekend, I wanted to check out another wall art by Kelsey Montague in SOHO and I knew I wanted to do a black and white themed outfit in honor of that.

Being petite at 5’1, it has been said that I should not wear skirts that fall below my knee as it would shortened my frame. But knowing me, I tend to wear what I like and go against the rules majority of the time. The best way to offset the skirt’s length is to be sure to add heel height to your shoes. Having a middle or side split in the pencil skirt will help as well.

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12 Ways to Wear/Tie a Blanket Scarf

The one thing that I have been stocking up for the past year and even picked up two more this fall were blanket scarves. I have no shortage of them currently and have been interchanging them according to my mood. When I first started wearing them, however, they took some time to get used to being bulkier than my normal size scarves. So I figure I pick up 12 ways that I would wear these blanket scarves that you could try on your own. See more after the jump!

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