Winter Cozy | Drapey Wool Cape + Eggplant Coated Jeans

Happy Tuesday and a rainy one at that. I hope you’re having a better weather than we are in the DMV area. Anyways, I love love keeping warm with as many layers as I can wear on a cold winter day.

Ever since I got my hands on this cape from H&M, I’ve been wearing it nonstop because it just goes with everything and the perfect piece to add a finishing touch to any winter layered look. Just be sure you have something thick and warm to cover your arms and you’d be good to go, because this coat really blocks out the cold well. Unfortunately this cape was sold out online fairly quickly but you may be able to find some in your local H&M store.

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Roadtrip | Thanksgiving in Montréal

Hey everyone! So over Thanksgiving break, Crystal and Anne flew over from LA to DC so we could take a road trip up to Montréal for the holiday break. Although it was freezing cold there, it was fun exploring the ins and outs of the city first starting in Old Montréal and hitting up all the places nearby like Notre Dame Basilica, Biosphere, Bonsecours Market and of course not leaving the city until we had the famous poutine and bagels there. Many thanks to Vanessa for recommending a few places to us!

Below are just some of the photos captured during our time there. Feel free to head to my personal and blog instagram for more photos captured on my phone. Be sure to follow if you haven’t already since there will be plenty more travels ahead for instant updates, so follow along for the journey.

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Montréal | Sweater Dress + Apache Cardigan

Hello everyone! I wish I was more prepared for my Montréal trip than I was when I went to Chicago last year. I forgot my beanie, ear warmers and gloves and on top of that, I bought some cheapy ones at the drugstore to have them lost and bought another to replace. Oy–oh well, lesson learned.

I’m glad I at least had enough layers to keep me warm walking around old Montréal and highlight of course was finding the Notre Dame Basilica. Such a pretty sight outside and inside especially with the holiday decors up.

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Instamix | Nov 2014

Happy December everyone! Is it me or did November just flew by? It’s scary to think that this month will be the same as well. Anyways, let’s get on with monthly updates, shall we? Photos are a mix from my personal and blogger instagram.

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