NYFW SS15 | Kendra Scott Open House + RePopRoom

Hello everyone! As mentioned in my last post for NYFW SS15, I spent most of my morning and afternoon hanging out at Kendra’s Scott Open House playing with some jewelry before heading to RePopRoom for their brunch. I’ve heard of Kendra Scott jewelry line before and there is definite a distinct look to her jewelry that you’ll immediately recognized. I was able to check out some of the Glam Rock Collection coming out soon and most especially excited over the midi rings seen below. I’m also loving the Rayne necklace in rose gold tone necklace (see more colors here) below as well as the Mackenzie ring in the color below (see more colors here). There were so many favorite pieces that I’ve seen from the open house that I made a quick mental list and waiting patiently for them to hit the website.

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Date with NYC | Corset Top + Full Skirt

Happy Monday everyone! I get one full week in the office today which I hope won’t drag out too much till the weekend. I’m a little bummed that the past few days have had brisk cold nights. I just want to hold onto to summer a little bit longer–is that too much to ask? Ah well.

So day 2 of NYFW, I attended a few things in the morning till afternoon before hopping over to the theater district and had myself a little date with NYC by catching a Broadway show–the Lion King for one. I’ve caught Broadways shows in the past for one only because it was just easier to watch it myself on my own schedule than to plan to watch it with others. I’ve watched Wicked twice on Broadway myself and it was quite liberating.

As for Lion King, I actually never had the desire to watch it until recently when I bumped into this video here and was quite moved that I had to go see it. I have to say though that this wasn’t my favorite Broadway show by far and I kinda liked the second half of the show versus the first half. It was definitely a toss-up deciding which to watch between Lion King and Book of Mormon, but I heard that you should watch Lion King first, because the Book of Mormon made a lot of references to the Lion King show. At least now I can cross Lion King off my list of Broadway shows to watch. I didn’t know this either, but Broadway even added Aladdin to the mix of Disney movies that made it to live theater. Now, can we add “Frozen” too? :P

Anyway, maybe it’s just me, but even if I were to catch a matinee or evening Broadway show, I always like to dress up a bit for fun. I think I have always done that in the past and that hasn’t changed since and I wore this outfit below for the occasion. You’ve seen this skirt already here and I thought it would go well with this DVF corseted top. The only complaint I had with it was that the straps were an inch too long, so I constantly had to adjust them throughout the day. I’ll see if I could alter them myself before taking the top to the tailors.

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NYFW Double Flair | Crop Top + Pleather Skirt

Hey everyone! This week has gone by pretty quickly but that’s because I took off Monday as well for NYFW. Today’s a somber day for obvious reasons and usually a time to reflect back on 9-11. Crazy how many years have passed by since then and how one day just changed the lives of so many. I’m sure many of you remembered vividly what you did that day and so did I. The day we will never forget, but the day that made us all come together and be unified as one country.

Ok, now on a lighter note. :) This time around for NYFW, it kinda snuck up on me so I didn’t really prepare to go to any shows. I did have events to go up for and attended more intimate showroom settings, which I kinda preferred, because you really get to see the items up-close and personal and talk to the folks behind the brand. Last year was a bit hectic but fun which you can read here, here and here. I think I will try to go for winter one and see how that fares. I hear it’s less crowded, which is always a plus.

Anyways, I wore this outfit below for Rewardstyle’s roof top party at Empire hotel and probably the last time that I would be able to bring out this bag before storing away for the winter. I’m glad that I was able to get enough use out of it for the spring/summer. I’ve been trying to edit my closet down every so often and really keep items that I would get most use. It just doesn’t make sense to keep items that I don’t use often and let them take up space in the closet. I think it might be time for another edit–my sisters usually like when that happens. :P

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Fall Colors | Marigold Yellow Blouse + Purple Pleather Skirt

Hello hello! I’m currently still in NJ/NYC area, but wanted to do a quick outfit post shot from few weeks ago. I wanted to play with fall colors and marigold and purple definitely reminds me of fall and of course, adding a bit of pleather to any outfit is automatically fall-worthy.

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